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Lifted Genetics is a team of local cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to establishing an innovative craft cannabis brand in Massachusetts. Our focus is on small-batch cannabis with an emphasis on aficionado-grade flowers.

Grow with Lifted Genetics

Investment Opportunity

Lifted Genetics is seeking investment to fund our acquisition of a revenue generating company so we may build our brand of high quality cannabis flower.

About Lifted Genetics

We are a team of Massachusetts locals, who have a deep passion for cannabis. Our focus is providing unique genetics through small batch cultivation to the adult-use market. 



Lifted Genetics has signed a letter of intent to purchase an established cannabis company in Massachusetts and are currently seeking investment opportunities

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Our Product

Lifted Genetics will specialize in cultivating hand-crafted, premium cannabis flower. We will invest in the highest quality indoor growing systems to cultivate our carefully selected genetics.

  • We have spent a number of years perfecting our menu and building upon our genetics.

  • The Lifted Genetics team has pheno-hunted over 100 strains to identify our top 12 cultivars, giving us a significant advantage.

  • This allows Lifted Genetics to begin immediately with a variety of fan-favorite strains that have gone through this time-consuming process.

The Facility

Lifted Genetics has been actively designing a comprehensive cultivation facility that can produce authentic craft cannabis.

  • We will be developing a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art cultivation facility.

  • Lifted Genetics will use industry-best equipment and materials when constructing our facility.

  • Close looped cultivation systems for segregated grow environments.

  • Lighting, benching, and fertigation systems all manufactured and designed to produce high-end cannabis.

  • Our facility has been designed to produce 3,200+ pounds a year ($10M+ Annually).

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Why Invest in Us?

We bring the solution.

Lack of high-quality cannabis flower for connoisseurs.

The premium cannabis market is just beginning to evolve in Massachusetts, presenting a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on.

We know the Massachusetts cannabis market.

Recreational sales in Massachusetts reached $1.8 billion in 2023

 The cannabis consuming population in Massachusetts has increased to 35% since 2019

13% of the cannabis consuming population in Massachusetts uses cannabis daily

Our Team


Dave Griffiths

Chief Executive Officer


Mike Griffiths

President of Production


Grant Pickering

Chief Operating Officer


Get Involved With Lifted Genetics.

Lifted Genetics is seeking investment to build an innovative, efficient, and sophisticated facility to cultivate high quality cannabis.

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