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Lifted Genetics is a team of local cannabis enthusiasts dedicated to establishing an innovative craft cannabis brand in Massachusetts. Our focus is on small-batch cannabis with an emphasis on aficionado-grade flower. 

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To grow the best premium cannabis flower and to establish an innovative craft cultivation brand that is highly sought after by licensed dispensaries and connoisseurs in Massachusetts. 



We want to make Lifted Genetics the #1 choice for licensed dispensaries and discerning consumers in Massachusetts. Sophisticated tastes deserve elevated experiences.

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The Facility

The Lifted Genetics team has been actively working to acquire a comprehensive cultivation facility that already produces cannabis products to streamline our mission.


This facility has everything we need to ensure the quality of flower but also gives us flexibility for expansion. 

The Product

To craft high-quality, premium cannabis, we will invest in the highest quality indoor growing system and cultivate our own proprietary cannabis genetics, which will set us apart from the competition. We have spent years perfecting our menu, which will consist of 12 different strains of cannabis. We have been building upon genetics and have taken the steps to identify product phenotypes, giving us a significant advantage that allows us to begin immediately with a variety of fan-favorite strains that have gone through this time-consuming process.


Our Team

Meet the team at the helm of Lifted Genetics.


Dave Griffiths

Chief Executive Officer


Mike Griffiths

President of Production


Grant Pickerng

Chief Operating Officer


Invest in Lifted Genetics.

Learn more about Lifted Genetics and our clear plan for growth. 

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