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“Our mission here at Lifted Genetics is to grow the best premium cannabis flower and to establish an innovative craft cultivation brand that is highly sought after by licensed dispensaries and connoisseurs in Massachusetts.”


A Thriving Market

2020 Record
High Sales

U.S Sales in 2020 hit a record high of $17.5 billion.  An impressive 46% increase from 2019

National Approval Increasing

36 states have approved medical use, while 18 states have approved recreational use

Sales are predicted to surpass $41 billion by 2026

Billions in


The Facility

Build to Suit Construction

Facility  specifically designed for high end cannabis production 


State-of-the-Art Access Control System

Dual operating systems and 24 hour surveillance

Best Building Materials Available 

Exterior of building and interior of cultivation rooms all constructed with insulated wall panels allowing for ideal grow conditions

Top of the Line Environmental Controls

Close looped cultivation systems for segregated grow environments 

Best-In-Class Growing Equipment 

Lighting, benching, and fertigation systems all manufactured and designed to produce high end cannabis 

Produces Over $10 Million Annually

Our facility has been designed to produce 3,200+ pounds a year


The Product

Lifted Genetics will specialize in cultivating hand-crafted, premium cannabis flower that is tailored toward achieving specific effects and medicinal benefits. The Company will invest in the highest quality indoor growing system and cultivate its own proprietary cannabis genetics, which will set it apart from the competition. Lifted Genetics’ menu will consist of 12 different strains of cannabis. The Company has spent a number of years perfecting its menu and building upon its genetics. The Company has already taken the steps needed to identify its phenotypes, giving it a significant advantage. This allows Lifted Genetics to begin immediately with a variety of fan favorite strains that have gone through this time consuming process.


6 Condon Way

Hopedale, MA 01747

(774) 217-9567

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Whether you’re an investor, a Cannabis Connoisseur, or just interested in what we are doing in Craft Cannabis, we want to hear from you! Feel free to call, email, or drop us a line on social media.

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